Stop, drop and boogie!

Saturday, 20th June 2009 by Manna Quinn

It’s that time again folks, where you drop everything and gather round your screens to listen to me glorify what I believe to be truly amazing. During college the joys of having a Forbidden Planet all too near to us was far too convient, extended lunch hours spent in that shop sizing up each section eyeing up my next impulse buy. I’ve passed Joker by Brian Azzarello many times and always thumbed a little mental note to myself to get it sometime soon, and of course…never did. All up until 3 months ago, I brought it back home in its plastic wrapped cover, all perfect and untainted, but to the horror of every true comic book fan it sat in my drawer amongst fashion magazines and odd pieces of jewellery. Finally last week I managed to find some time for myself having being set back with college exhibitions and makeup work.

Seriously? I’m a sucker for detail but I found myself trying to linger a little longer on each page than needed admiring the art work by Lee Bermejo. He’s a legend for all artists to aspire to be like. He captures the insanity yet also the rare moments of calm and just in Joker perfectly, along with the very graphic gore, guts and grit in the graphic novel. Joker is being released from an insane asylum only to discover his share of Gotham city has been cut up and sold off amongst his fellow criminals. Joker is back, with a smile on his face but no one is laughing, his spares not a second to remind everyone of his twisted deminure. Accompanied with Jonny Frost his ex criminal accomplice they set out to get what is Jokers back with a vengeance.

Without giving too much away its truly amazing, I couldn’t put it down, the artwork is stunning, the clear and its nature beautifully messed up and gives us rare insight into Jokers head without him narrating it.



Remember those days where you’d watch Ren&Stimpy glued to the TV, with your parents in the back in disgust over how much brilliant attention they pay on those still close ups of someone’s snot filled nostril. Well cry no more! Put your box sets away! This generations replacement is finally here, flicking through cartoon network everyone in a while I find a program so marvellous I find myself quoting it all the time. Like Fosters home for imaginary friends, come on! An egotistically mean and self ridiculous blu blob that makes everything revolve around his high pitched antics. Awesome. So what’s this new fanciful replacement you say? It’s The marvellous misadventures of flapjack! Generally a 2D animated show its got few elements of 3D that give it that edge for our new generation of kids. AND I! It’s a show based around the cute little blonde boy flapjack, that lives inside his mother’s mouth, his mother being a giant blue whale alongside his misguided pirate companion. With a few elements of Ren and Stimps quiry humour and odd stills you’ll fall in love fast. Its strangely themed shows leave you baffled bu knawing for more! I can’t praise it enough, but do go check it out!


  • asad
    Tuesday, 23rd June 2009 at 4:04 pm
    great website!!!
  • Manna Quinn
    Tuesday, 23rd June 2009 at 11:08 pm
    thanks dude! no preasue but….SPREAD THE WORD! pass the site along!
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