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Wednesday, 24th June 2009 by Cryptourniquet

Evening, children!

I may have been granted entry to the magical wonderful world that is Scribbledwall only yesterday, but, I am going on holiday tomorrow for a week to Ireland so I feel I should do a quick post to share some funnies with you! You know, to tide you over till I get back!

So let’s get started then!!

Do you remember all that hoo-hah about the mosquito tone? No? Well, it was that high pitched noise that only youngsters could hear and businesses were using it as a deterrent to keep teenagers from loitering near their shops. Want to see if you’re a young ‘un or an old fogie? Check it out here! I personally can hear them all but the 18kHz one (the highest one) is just averagely audible to me whereas the rest are loud as hell! And I know it works because as I was testing it out, I clicked on the 18kHz one and just about heard it and my younger sister (sitting across the room, may I add) shouted at me for playing something so ear-piercing!!

As we are having some crystal weather at the moment, as much as I hate the heat and the sun as a pale freckly girl, I feel I must take moment to think of the real sufferers in this weather. **Goths. **This blog, aptly named ‘Goths In Hot Weather‘, chronicles them in photo form as they cope in the hot, sunny, summer months, rating them on ‘Gothiness’ and ‘Sweatiness’.

Any of you know the internet meme ‘What Is Love?’ with the headbobbing guys? Well here it is in its full glory! CLICKY HERE!!!  Even if you don’t know the meme, it’s a hilarious video featuring Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey from Saturday Night Live in the 90’s.

And finally, some funny pics to top it all off. =D

I might update you during the week, I might not, but either way, I will return next week!!!



LoTR questing

fabulous cat

totoro snowman


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