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Saturday, 13th June 2009 by Frankie Biscuit

I know, I know… Posting so much in one day is gonna overwhelm your excitable little heads! But… since thinking up this site, tag-teaming with Manna and then actually making it… Well, lots have happened! And my first post doesn’t count, right?? It was a welcome post! Plus, there’s lots to tell you and lots to show. So be glad and bask in all the sweet loveliness!

The five minute catch up on my life

Ok! So Manna has mentioned pretty much the skinny of it. We’ve had the idea for this site for a year now, but I wasn’t happy with the old design (damn my high standards!) and then got lazy and well… a year passed. Then! Inspiration hit me like a bad copper! And just within reach of **Manna’s **birthday too! So I worked and worked and… um, her birthday passed. It was mostly traveling to London and back to play paintball (which was unbelievably awesome) and then revising for my theory test (which i failed first time, boo hoo… but then I passed, yay! I can almost hear your cheers of support, lol). But, I finished it in the end cos of **Manna’s **sheer excitement! (It’s contagious, guys… wear protection!) And so here we are, ready to be loved and scrutinised by the people.

About paintball! Like we said, it was matter-of-fact awesome. I got back to London in the evening from a night of drinking and dancing like an idiot. I had at best a few hours to sleep, then it was up to meet up with the gang to play paintball. Some of these guys, I hadn’t seen in ages and it was ridiculous how easy it was to slip back into things. I’d forgotten how truly awesome these people were. There were a few bald jokes made on my account (…damn them…) but I was loving it. We took the train all the way there, found a place where no lamppost dare shine teamed up with these german guys to locate this fabled paintball field (they brought a compass!) and got lost a bit (sorry guys, lol… I don’t navigate so well). We were all knackered but it was jokes all the way! I was crying with laughter!

We got there a little late and the sun was lapping down on us when we suited up (lil heads up: bullet-proof vests are hot, surprisingly).  We got split up into greens and browns with a few strangers from another group joining us to bolster the ranks. We got there late and got stuck with brown, looking around at the groups. There were a lot of big guys on the green team. Damn.

It was a kind of friends of friends kind of set up so I didn’t know how good these guys were. We got onto our first battlefield. It was raucous with the ramblings of strategy and game plan. I’ll admit I was worried. Then it started and we all fanned out immediately. Some dived in to take the huts, some covered,some went round to the flanks and some infiltrated with deadly sacrifice. Adrenaline kicked in. I rushed to the side, securing a building with a few comrades. It was unbelievable how many times I stepped into a mud pit, but once you get a little dirty, you just go all in (I felt sorry for the girl who came in brand new white trainers). Talking to the guys, the camaraderie was set. A brotherhood from only eyes and the brown armband. We supported eachother, cover fired, gave info and stormed the trenches together. So many laughs and so many huzzahs. I knew I was on the right team in the end.

The day went on and the games piled up. Some dropped out cos it was too brutal and some had to leave cos they worked in the evening. As I said I went drinking the night before because it was the last night in uni, and man, I scraped my knees so bad. Which wasn’t bad until I needed to get low for paintball. They were red raw in the end. One of my friends got it worse though… She got hit in the thigh so hard, it made a fist sized bruise. I got shot in the throat and **Manna **was upset cos she had yet to get a proper battle scar (…the masochist… lol). The final scores came in and it wasn’t a surprise, we played 13 games I think, and browns won by a ridiculous margin. We won almost every game, drew a few (which were harsh decisions) and lost none. We were so effective that some of the greens had some of the referees to help. It was a great day. Felt wrecked on the way home, which we had to walk to the train station while the others got lifts. We held them up and made em kiss our bums! It was all good. Good times!

Full to the bursting and ready to explode with juicy linkage goodness!

Ok, so while building this site I’ve racked up a load of links and cool pictures to show you guys. Some need a lil more explanation than others. Take for instance, I’m sure some asian guy is trying to codify and map out black actors by looks. I love that Mr T is totally unique to the others and doesn’t fit anywhere!


Some of these have been around the internet already but all of em are genius.




This is the gun to infiltrate into the airports.

Crunchpad… The wannabe big brother to the iPhone.

Real Life sized Gundam!!!

Sexy Ico themed Little Big Planet game pack. GRAB IT!

I introduce the Meat Dress. Made from meat!!

The effort they put in to make your childhood heroes exist. Applaud them!

A run down of some cool animated shorts

Kevin Dart’s Yuki 7 is painfully sexy and stylish.

Reach is a cute short. Even robots can be dreamers.

Gary is a sweet story about a kid with a crush on a girl but creates a monster accidentally.

I saw this years ago, but it hasn’t aged at all! Simplicity to aspire to.

The Terrible Thing of Alpha 9! Is just too damn TERRIFYING!

Simple, epic, cute. This one time… from Nelson Boles.

And finishing off with this great animated intro to The Beatles edition of Rock Band.

Random list of images from the interwebs…
















Load of links for your amusement

Oh and if you’re on Facebook, you might want to steal your own unique username while stocks last.

The Xbox Natal. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now. Exciting! Yet they haven’t shown us how to pan the camera. All we’re getting are front-view games where you can’t turn your head…

Street names to give you a giggle.

This is genius! Hours of fun, I feel like a cat with a ball of yarn.

Now you can learn the alphabet with skin.

After asking a load of women ‘who’d they like to lick?’… he won?

OMG! The Dreamcast going for $15?! BARGAIN! The Dreamcast was so sexy.

TOTORO PAPERCRAFT! Squeel fangirls!!

Some guys built their own working remote control driven R2D2s!!! Squeel fanboys!!

The origin of some band names.

The origin of some celebrity names.

This is why you always wanna use your best pick up lines, even on World of Warcraft. We worship you or heavenly creator. sings Tetris tune

Unpublished photos of Marilyn Monroe shows a surprisingly honest more human side to the glamorous legendary personality.

Photo blog full of photos before people got to smile for their pictures.

Soft drinks from around the world. Some include cheese!

For all you stalkers out there: the best protection against a stun gun? A nice natural body armour of fat!

Got a girl you really fancy? THIS is the ultimate plan to win her!

Got a Star Wars convention coming up? This is what you need to look the best!

The gamer’s wheelchair.

Craziness is being built. The robots will inherit the world!

Hilarious summary of the different classes in Team Fortress…

Guy buys billboard ad right outside Apple store.

A playpen full of pandas. It’s what you expect…TOO EFFING CUTE!

Teddy Boys. The most stylish, bad ass subculture there be. Even more stylish than Mods!

Stylishly camouflaged fire extinguishers make sexier homes but scarier fire situations. GO FOR STYLE!

Haha! I wish someone would feed me when I slept…sigh.

OMG! WTH?! Alien found… then terrorised and burnt by kids.

To finish off…

It’s summer holidays for most people! Congrats to all those who graduated or survived another year’s onslaught of exams. Hay-fever? Hate the bugs? Avoiding the sun? Or are you just too damn hot and bothered to go out? You’ve still got us to keep you entertained! Enjoy the Summer guys! We’ll keep you posted on what’s happening and, as the kids say, hip!

  • Kiwi
    Sunday, 14th June 2009 at 2:28 am
    Arnica cream FTW!!! Two weeks on and my bruise is no more! It still hurts though!
  • Manna Quinn
    Sunday, 14th June 2009 at 10:51 am
    lol u need to pass that cream on to hollies dad, his knees were MASH UP!
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