Tuesday, 10th January 2012 by Manna Quinn

First off…HURRAY FOR MEEE! *does a victory dance*

I feel like technology totally cripples me I literally can’t even get my head around turning on an Xbox and selecting a game with success. After literally almost a decade of promising myself i’d learn how to use photoshop i’ve only JUST learnt a few basics this saturday with the tremendous help of Frankie Biscuit (thank you!) So this post is really short and sweet, I thought i’d just upload my first attempt and the second piece i’m currently working on right now. It’s about 3:54am and needless to say I feel victorious, very cool and highly proud of myself so I share with you the fruits of my crack head labour!

Screen Shot 2012 01 10 at 03 55 38

First attempt at Photoshop

Screen Shot 2012 01 10 at 03 13 16 494x640

Day 2 work in progress

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