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Friday, 12th June 2009 by Manna Quinn

We finally got our acts together and released this site after a good year of day dreaming and planning! Can I get a woop woop from all my dreamers out there! All jokes aside this is our first big step towards getting our artwork out and appreciated by everyone, and we are super stoked to hear from all of you!

I’m freshly out of a professional Degree in Media makeup and special effects, so if you come across any bald women or burnt faces you can throw your soggy tear soaked pillows at me! I’m working on a makeup label currently and hope to get to developed this year, possibly in China or Spain, but I plan to make this year a big one as I just turned 21.

So yea! I fianlly had some time to myself and got down to drawing again! after buying a 4 inch Munny doll and letting it collect dust for 3 months I finally got down and dirty and managed to paint it! took me a whole day of continious work only to stop for cereal breaks! (I love cereal! mmmm golden nuggets!) I created some freak 3 eyed thingamabob that has been rehomed to my little brothers room and resides along side some great graffiti work by mooselumps.



It’s got intestines covering its man/women bits. You decide what it is! men can have lucious lips too!

I also got an 8inch for my bithday! Best gift ever! Aside this site, this was completed a little after my Bday which was on thr 3rd but dude to Mikey’s other commitments woo he passed his theory test!!! he wasn’t able to complete it for the actual day. No worries tho! it’s up now!!!! Also went paint balling for my bday and had an ammmaazzing time! got 26 people down for the day and went mental shooting people. Didn’t get many nasty hits, but I needget hit in the knee cap, the ribs 3 times and the hands ALOT. The worst was getting shot in the ear, it hurts sooo much! I wanna go again!

I think i’ve milked this post enough, more insanity to be upgraded soon.

Manna Quin.

P.S if your an artist, makeup artist, fashion designer/model/creative, graphic designer, whatever it is! send us some of your images and you could get featured on the site! We love to oogle over the prettiful works that comes from your brains. x

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