Ling Ling!

Thursday, 2nd July 2009 by Manna Quinn

I had an awesome last week!! on friday I started off on a treck to some unknown town to do a music video for So Solid Crew, im not a fan of them at all but I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a credit that big so early in my career. So I set forth and had to get there for 7am, Woke up at 4, got the earliest tube at 5:26 and than an hour long train. It was a creepy little ghost town with bus stops but no bus numbers on them, it was really strange. eventully I found my way to the location after walking around franticly for 20 mins. Got to do the makeup of quite a few models, touch ups and all, but the biggest credit to my name is that I got to do Lisa Maffia’s makeup. Not too impressed with her personality, lol I googled her solo career yesterday yesterday and that didnt look too hot either. After a 14 hour shoot, barely any food, 3 and a half hours sleep and not being able to sit down I dragged myself home, crashed and woke up early the next morning for another exciting job.

Saturday there was an event called the ACS Kings and Queens event, sponcered by MTV once again, there were quite a few models so we were called down on that disgusting hot day at 1pm. Surprise surprise we were’nt needed until 6ish, so we wasted all day there just mucking around. On our lunch break tho me and Hollie (Best friend/makeup artist) saw a petshop on our way to the Oceans Music arena where it was held, so we decided to run to tesco, grab some munch and look at the pets. I don’t recomend going into petshops unless u’ve got money on you, it’s TOO damn hard walking away empty handed. We say a sign that said they had kittens so we thought we’d ask. Hollie got the most gorgeous stripped tabby, he’rs is a month older but sooo cute and SO playful, it’s AWESOME. I got a cute but slightly timid black and white kitten! it took it a few days to warm up to its new surroundings but its been almost a week now and it wants to play with ful force! Toy of choice: Shoe lace lol. I named mine Ling Ling, after that pokemon type character in ‘Drawn Together’ and now to introduce the world to mah kiat!

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