About us two and the whole shebang...

Frankie Biscuit

He's the mastermind of twenty eight failed bank robberies and two successful nights at karaoke king. After an operation to create the perfect cyborg by installing bionic nipples, this man has more going for him than epilepsy on the dance floor and condoms for rabbits and yet he's happy with just devouring the tears you cry into your pillow each night we conveniently forget to reply good night. That's a hero for you.

Manna Quinn

She'll mow you down with her terrapin go-kart and her nazi propagandarific put downs. What exactly does that all adds up to? A papier mache frog wielding ninja? The pathetic leftovers from last nights risotto on the nose of a hippy? The eventual conclusion to the schoolyard dilemma of who will win between superman or yo momma? No one can say for sure... but we'll fear her by a good measure of superstition just like how the five second rule demands our respect!

Scribbledwall is the collective collaboration between the two aforementioned day dreamers. Dreaming by day and night, between these two borderline crazies borderline geniuses, they have so many pent up ideas it's like the marriage of rabies with kiss and tell, a deadly combination in most holy books of the world. Luckily for you, they'll be spilling their special juices all over things you're going to want to hug. Isn't life grand?

The Main Offenders

  • Manna Quinn
    AKA Annam Tariq

    She’s convinced she’s socially accepted but remains on the fringes of society

    Artist and Make-up artist. Weird, eccentric and colourful, it’s reflected in her work. Studied media makeup, special effects, hair, beauty and high fashion styling. She’s been in makeup since September 2008 and has since taken it up professionally.

  • Frankie Biscuit
    AKA Mike Ly

    Socially retarded, professional pop culture referencing, wannabe hipster

    All round Designer. Lovably awkward but constantly mocking. He’s almost always moronic, but he has his moments. His skills orientate towards design, in fact he designed and coded the site, but he’s eager and always willing to learn new skills!

  • Cryptourniquet
    AKA Kelly-Marie Perry

    Human encyclopedia of general knowledge and trivia. Rumoured to be the inspiration for Wikipedia.

    Photographer, gamer, geek, cake fiend! Sarcastic serial daydreamer with a penchant for comedy. A part-time hypochondriac yet impressively she's been featured in a medical journal. Big space enthusiast and lover of all things starred and stripey, she's a girl of many trades with her eye on the deadly pathological arts. Beware or she'll add you to her huge plushie collection!

If you have a question or want to hire us out or just feel like telling us how much you love us, then you can contact us here! ♥

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