Diabetes for your SOOOOOUULLL!

Having being first introduced to Krispy Kreme doughnuts only a few months ago I have managed to stay clear of em for a good long while. Until yesterday…you know those days when you just feel burnt out and nothing goes according to plan, when your hopes had been set stupidly high and your let down. I discover a Krispy Kreme JUST opened up in a mall near me and all my previous thoughts were washed away along all the healthy eating ways I had ever followed. Feeling like I HAD to introduce my best friend to these diabetic rings I bought a double dozen. I’m sure you all know what that is, but if you don’t yemmie tell yar! It’s when you get to choose a Dozen of ANYTHING you want, and than you get a dozen plain ice ringed ones. So me and my friend thought alrighhhttt, lets do this! We ordered all the best ones in pairs and told her to box it up! but she kept saying we had loads left to still choose from, which baffeled us. We looked at eachother extatic and made her round up a couple more of those dawgies. We thought we conned her into giving us 2 dozen of anything we wanted, we pulled to the side, sat down and just munched down on one of em each. Not being able to say anything for 10 mins due to my friends sugary coma we sat in silence and in awe over what we had missed out on for SO long.

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