Wear HQ feature’s Eva Rose Lane

Alrighty kiddies it hasn’t been long but I am back with another piece of published work! Excited? ME TOO!!

Wear HQ has done a wonderful feature on the beautiful and amazing Eva Rose Lane, we worked together a month back and collaborated ideas to bring forth creative and colourful images for your eyes to behold!

I can’t really say much more other than the blog is a pretty cool one and go check it out for yourself. It’s the second feature on the main page, all 3 images were shot by the wonderful Tracer Ital and makeup of course by moi!


Colourful coats!

Before the day is up I thought  I’d post something worth while since everyone seems to have neglected this site. We apologise once again for this but everyone has been dead set in their busy schedules and hasn’t had time to post. HOWEVER, in the exciting world of the fashion industry I’ve finally had my first tiny break through and put my foot through the door thanks to my amazing amazing makeup teacher Becky Mcgahern.

Some months back I assisted on a very exciting shoot in South London’s infamous lavender field. The shoot was called ‘colourful coats’ and it has hit the stands of London today and only today unfortunately! However for all you international kids I’m proud to present my very first accomplishment to you all! I was published in ‘The mail on Sunday‘   The Daily Mail for the rest of the week lol, and inside that is YOU magazine proudly presents the ‘colourful coats’ shoot w in a FIVE PAGE SPREAD! I’ve been counting down the days waiting anxiously for today and it’s finally here.

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Ling Ling!

I had an awesome last week!! on friday I started off on a treck to some unknown town to do a music video for So Solid Crew, im not a fan of them at all but I couldn’t resist the opportunity for a credit that big so early in my career. So I set forth and had to get there  for 7am, Woke up at 4, got the earliest tube at 5:26 and than an hour long train. It was a creepy little ghost town with bus stops but no bus numbers on them, it was really strange. eventully I found my way to the location after walking around franticly for 20 mins. Got to do the makeup of quite a few models, touch ups and all, but the biggest credit to my name is that I got to do Lisa Maffia’s makeup. Not too impressed with her personality, lol I googled her solo career yesterday yesterday and that didnt look too hot either. After a 14 hour shoot, barely any food, 3 and a half hours sleep and not being able to sit down I dragged myself home, crashed and woke up early the next morning for another exciting job.

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Stop, drop and boogie!

It’s that time again folks, where you drop everything and gather round your screens to listen to me glorify what I believe to be truly amazing. During college the joys of having a Forbidden Planet all too near to us was far too convient, extended lunch hours spent in that shop sizing up each section eyeing up my next impulse buy. I’ve passed Joker by Brian Azzarello many times and always thumbed a little mental note to myself to get it sometime soon, and of course…never did. All up until 3 months ago, I brought it back home in its plastic wrapped cover, all perfect and untainted, but to the horror of every true comic book fan it sat in my drawer amongst fashion magazines and odd pieces of jewellery. Finally last week I managed to find some time for myself having being set back with college exhibitions and makeup work.

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