A Gentlemen’s Guide to Style

I wanted to focus on a mens style guide. There are many of you out there who are simply playing it too safe or too boring when there is just no excuse for it. I’ve created a 14 piece capsule wardrobe of bare essentials just for you men out there that want a little guidance into looking street chic for any occasion. This first post will be talking about the first 7 essential items and the next post will talk about the other 7.

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First off…HURRAY FOR MEEE! *does a victory dance*

I feel like technology totally cripples me I literally can’t even get my head around turning on an Xbox and selecting a game with success. After literally almost a decade of promising myself i’d learn how to use photoshop i’ve only JUST learnt a few basics this saturday with the tremendous help of Frankie Biscuit (thank you!) So this post is really short and sweet, I thought i’d just upload my first attempt and the second piece i’m currently working on right now. It’s about 3:54am and needless to say I feel victorious, very cool and highly proud of myself so I share with you the fruits of my crack head labour!

First attempt at Photoshop

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The Monster Engine


It’s no hidden secret how the world envies youth, the captivating and intensely creative mind of a child and it’s drawings are constantly awed over by the masses. Dave Devries has brought to life children’s drawings by faithfully recreating them as realistically as possible, yet sticking to the original structure of the child’s drawing in a 48 page book. The creative and inspiring book comes complete with his 7 year process of this beautiful project, interviews and of course the original children’s drawings on one page and his masterful creation on the next.  Dave Devries is the reason protective plastic sleeves and covers were made for comic books, his spectacular Marvel and DC comic book illustrations leave the most humble of comic book nerds feverishly drooling over his works.

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I liiiiiiive

Salutations all!

With much regret this amazing blog was abandoned years ago due to PURE laziness! I plan to try and turn this around, hopefully with the help of Frankie Biscuit and bring back the incoherant babbling of some kooky kids behind a screen! Much has changed career wise for the both of us since 2009 and in due time we shall fill you all in! So i’ve kept myself busy as a makeup artist and have been grateful to be apart of some amazing projects, once in a while I manage to squeeze through a few drawings in my spare time!

Travie McCoy

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