A Gentlemen’s Guide to Style

I wanted to focus on a mens style guide. There are many of you out there who are simply playing it too safe or too boring when there is just no excuse for it. I’ve created a 14 piece capsule wardrobe of bare essentials just for you men out there that want a little guidance into looking street chic for any occasion. This first post will be talking about the first 7 essential items and the next post will talk about the other 7.

Accessorising and tweaking your wardrobe a little can be the first stepping stone to creating your own style identity. Everyone has the essentials, like jackets and jeans, but it’s how you wear them. Layering, texture, length and cut all play into the overall style of your identity. Remember, first impressions count for everything and you’d be wrong to think that doesn’t include you grooming and appearance.

Lets start from the base!

Item 1: Shoes
I’m going to suggest 2 pairs as a bare minimum. A pair of well made casual shoes are a must! Remember shoes support your whole body structure and you need comfort and support! This comes before any fashion tip! They literally support your back and can save you years of ache and strain on your arches later on.

These ankle boots are right on trend this season, you could still team a good pair of these with a blazer and a pair of jeans and still have that smart, casual feel.

Formal Shoes
A pair of beautifully crafted brogues or pain-tent leather dress shoes will set off and polish any suited elbow rubbing event you may need to attend.
 < look at the shiny goodness!

Item 2: Pants

Colour is in! A pair of red or green jeans upgrade any look. It’s fun and can definitely be worn smart! Experiment with colour. You can still play it safe without adding too much and going overboard. Just a pinch goes a very long way!

Item 3: Shirts

The devil is in the details. Pleats and panels aren’t just for girls, buttons can also make a huge difference in making an item look expensive.
These shirts don’t have to be formal, you can dress them down with a textured sweater and coloured jeans. Play with colours and prints, there is no colour you can’t wear. It’s all about the items you choose to pair them with. You can also go for bold colours and print. I’ll explain below how to dress them down if the thought of neon green sounds scary!

Item 4: Sweaters!

Mens sweaters are my weakness! There are just so many different styles and shapes. With mens sweaters you can go 2 ways; oversized and baggy or fitted. This may seem obvious but i’m talking about the extremes. Texture is also something to take into consideration. Quitted sweaters, wool, big knit and, yes, even embroidered.
Sweaters are huge, huge tool on your item list. Use them to dress up or dress down any look. A plain sleeveless sweater vest can be used to block out huge colourful prints or block colours toning the look down. Alternatively, baggy heavy knit sweaters and any texture can compliment  a jacket such as leather and heavy wool.

Item 5:  Jackets!
Once again jackets can be split into two types. However if you’re clever, you may only need one. Observe and and listen male species!

Over-sized and over-length (I made that word up) is timeless. With winter jackets, the aim is to get a timeless warm piece that you can wear on any occasion. Double breasted mens jackets are always form flattering. A classic black wool jacket doesn’t have to be boring. Experiment with cuts, shapes and paneling.

The over sized length is bold without going to the levels of extreme of colour and fabric. It’s hobo chic! Accessorise with a beanie hat and your ready to sleep in any cardboard box in style!

If you’re not a corporate bigwig and just want something warm and cool,  a trench coat is always timeless as well as the aviator/bomber jackets. Suede, leather and sheep skin are to die for, but there are so many materials out there, just make sure you choose a warm one!

Item 6: Blazers
To keep it short and sweet, neutral colours are awesome but that doesn’t mean black and grey. Light grey, navy blue and red are show stoppers!

Item 7: Hats
This is just for sheer personality and warmth! Beanies are great, but bowlers hats are just rad! With all the different shapes and sizes for hats and heads, the best thing to do is try them all!

It’s an unfair fact that beanies work with almost all men!

I shall leave you with a selection of possibilities.


Lastly, a must see style blog for inspiration to check out is Fashion Beans.

The next 7 items shall follow soon! For any enquiries, don’t be afraid to ask. Remember, you don’t need to buy them if you don’t like it, so experiment! Try them on in store! Imagine the overall image and not just the item alone. Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive at all, but paying a little bit extra for certain items, like shoes and jackets, can make it last for years on end. You can’t go wrong if you’ve got key capsule items to mix and match as you desire. Building a style from these bare minimums should eventually come naturally.

<3 Quin 

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