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With much regret this amazing blog was abandoned years ago due to PURE laziness! I plan to try and turn this around, hopefully with the help of Frankie Biscuit and bring back the incoherant babbling of some kooky kids behind a screen! Much has changed career wise for the both of us since 2009 and in due time we shall fill you all in! So i’ve kept myself busy as a makeup artist and have been grateful to be apart of some amazing projects, once in a while I manage to squeeze through a few drawings in my spare time!

Travie McCoy

Travie McCoy

This one is work in progress but i’ll share it anyway!

The worst photo of a picture in the world but i’ll take a better one when it’s done.

On a more exciting note! purely cause i’m a crazy horror movie enthusiast I watched this amazing French film the other day! The Martyrs! Words cannot express how epic the movie is and the trailer I feel don’t do it much justice. It starts off as a A-typical horror movie about a girls revenge, however midway through the movie takes a turn for the best and most unexpected and totally turns your brain into mind blown mush! I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone however I will say as a HUGE horror movie buff I’ve recently become completely obsessed with the movie, the story is just beautifully well created.I tend to never cringe or wince at gore, although this movie isn’t about the gore but more so psychological trauma mixed with it’s effects some scenes left me completely wide eyed with my heart in my stomach. So grab a teddy and a blanket, build a fort around you so the monsters can’t get in and watch The Martyrs!


Before kick off I shall leave with you my new website with all my latest makeup work:

and more artwork:

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